German Clasp Chain Findings

Product Id Description Remarks UM Avg. wt. (gms) MOQ Quantity Action
09Y0GLC-11.4x-0200 9KY 11.4mm German Lobster with attached Ring PCS 0.629
10W0GLC-11.4x-02RH 10KW 11.4mm German Lobster Clasp + Rh PCS 0.660
10Y0GLC-11.4x-0200 10KY 11.4mm German Lobster Clasp Std Wt PCS 0.660
14P0GLC-11.4R-0200 14KP 11.40mm German Lobster Claw w ring PCS 0.730
14W0GLC-11.4R-02RH 14KW 11.4mm German Lobster Claw With Rh PCS 0.730
14Y0GLC-11.4R-0200 14KY 11.4mm German Lob Lt Wt W Ring. PCS 0.730
18P0GLC-11.4R-0200 18KP 11.40mm German Lob. Std wt. w Ring PCS 0.885
18R0GLC-11.4R-0200 18KR 11.4mm German Loster Claw with attached Ring PCS 0.880
18W0GLC-11.4xx-02RH 18KW 11.4mm German Lob W Rh PCS 0.885
18Y0GLC-11.4R-0200 18KY 11.4 Mm Lob. Std Wt. W Ring PCS 0.885
S925GLC-11.4x-0200 925 Silver 11mm German Lobster Claw PCS 0.580